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Agglomeration view on a map with some info

UWWTP : ROWP RAJA Ovidiu - Identifier : ROWP_60696_01 - Status : Inactive - Not connected - Reporting year : 2018
Region (NUTS) Code : RO223 - Region (NUTS) Name : Constanţa

compliance Time Line
List of all the year available for the agglomeration






Not compliant
Not relevant
No information

Load entering UWWTP (p.e.): 
load expressed in population equivalent shall be calculated on the basis of the maximum average weekly load entering the treatment plant during the year, excluding unusual situations such as those due to heavy rain (Article 4 of the Urban Waste Water Treatment Directive 91/271/CE)
Method used to determine the load : 
Not available
Rate of entering load transported to this UWWTP by trucks (%): 
Not available
Physical Capacity (p.e.): 
8 640
Waste water treated (m3/y): 
Volume of waste water treated and partially treated in the UWWTP
Method used to determine the volume of waste water treated: 
Not available
Treatment performance: BOD5: 
Biological Oxygen Demand
Not available
Treatment performance: COD: 
Chemical Oxygen Demand
Not available
Treatment performance: TSS: 
Total Suspended Solids
Not available
Treatment performance: Total nitrogen: 
Sum of total kjeldahl nitrogen (organic, ammonia and ammonium), nitrate and nitrite
Not available
Treatment performance: Total phosphorus: 
Sum of dissolved phosphorus and insoluble phosphorus
Not available
Treatment performance: Other: 
e.g. e-coli
Not available
Not relevant
Treatment type in place: 
No information
Treatment required: 
Treatment met: 
Not Calculable
Performance met: 
Not Calculable
In cause of failure: Bad operating/Bad design or dimensioning: 
Not available
In cause of failure: Bad design or dimensioning: 
Not available
In cause of failure: Further information on cause of failure: 
Not available
Graphical network summary
Agglomerations : 1 Agglomeration :
Entering :
0 p.e
1 DCP(S)
Discharge point: RODP RAJA Ovidiu

    Main treatment :
  • Network : Compliant
  • Network : Not compliant
  • Network : No information / Not relevant
    More stringent treatment :
    Performance :
  • Network : Pass performance
  • Network : Fail performance
  • Network : Not relevant

    Type :
  • N : Nitrogen removal
  • P : Phosphorus removal
  • UV : UV treatment
  • MICRO : Micro Filtration

    Type :
  • CHLOR : Chlorination
  • OZONE : Ozonation
  • SAND : Sand filtration
  • O : Other more stringent
    Discharge point :
  • Network : Discharge point
  • DCP(S) : Discharge point(s)
Waste Water Network Connexions
Linked agglomeration(s): 
Not available
Linked receiving area(s): 
Linked discharge point(s): 
Site information
Date of closing: 
Explanation for closing: 
The Ovidiu WWTP ceased its activity (a pumping station - SPAU was built inside WWTP Ovidiu), and the waste water from the locality is pumped into SP "E 20", which in turn pumps them to the Constanta Sud WWTP.
ID of the successor: 

Not provided

Primary treatment: 
Not available
Secondary treatment: 
Not available
N removal: 
Not available
P removal: 
Not available
Not available
Not available
Sand filtration: 
Not available
Not available
Micro filtration: 
Not available
Other treatment: 
Not available
Other type of more stringent treatment: 

Not provided

Other type of more stringent : 

Not provided

ID of E-PRTR facility: 

Not provided

Not available

Not provided