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Ta' Barkat

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Discharge point : Ta' Barkat - Identifier : MTSDP - Status : Active - Reporting year : 2014
Region (NUTS) Code : MT001 - Region (NUTS) Name : Malta

Receiving water: 
Type of receiving area: 
Surface water: 
In case of discharge on land please specify the purpose: 

Not provided

Has the Member State provided these studies to the Commission (art.6.2): 
Did the Commission formally accept that the conditions under Art. 6(2) are met?: 

Not provided

Not available


ID of the successor (historical management): 

Not provided

Malta is revisting the designation of Sensitve areas. Receiving area code for Ta' Barkat is not available. The discharges of the Sant Antnin Plant are transferred to Ta' Barkat thus combined discharges of both plants at this discharge point.
Waste Water Network Connexions
Linked agglomerations: 
Linked receiving areas: 
Not available
ID of WFD river basin district: 
Name of the WFD river basin district: 
Not available
WFDRBD reference date: 
Thursday, March 31, 2011
Linked water body: 
Name of the WFD waterbody: 
Not available
Reference date of the WFD waterbody : 
Thursday, March 31, 2011
ID of WFD groundwater body: 
Not available
Ground water reference date: 
Not available
ID of WFD sub-unit: 
Not available
Reference date of the WFD sub-unit: 
Not available
Receiving water reference date: 
Thursday, March 31, 2011
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