Ferns and Environs Waste Water Treatment Plant

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UWWTP : Ferns and Environs Waste Water Treatment Plant - Identifier : IETP_D0169 - Status : Active - Connected - Reporting year : 2016
Region (NUTS) Code : IE052 - Region (NUTS) Name : IE052

compliance Time Line
List of all the year available for the agglomeration


Not compliant
Not relevant
No information

Load entering UWWTP (p.e.): 
load expressed in population equivalent shall be calculated on the basis of the maximum average weekly load entering the treatment plant during the year, excluding unusual situations such as those due to heavy rain (Article 4 of the Urban Waste Water Treatment Directive 91/271/CE)
1 749
Method used to determine the load : 
Not available
Rate of entering load transported to this UWWTP by trucks (%): 
Not available
Physical Capacity (p.e.): 
2 000
Waste water treated (m3/y): 
Volume of waste water treated and partially treated in the UWWTP
Not available
Method used to determine the volume of waste water treated: 
Not available
Treatment performance: BOD5: 
Biological Oxygen Demand
Treatment performance: COD: 
Chemical Oxygen Demand
Treatment performance: TSS: 
Total Suspended Solids
Treatment performance: Total nitrogen: 
Sum of total kjeldahl nitrogen (organic, ammonia and ammonium), nitrate and nitrite
Not available
Treatment performance: Total phosphorus: 
Sum of dissolved phosphorus and insoluble phosphorus
Treatment performance: Other: 
e.g. e-coli
Not available
Not compliant
Treatment type in place: 
More stringent treatment
Treatment required: 
Secondary treatment
Treatment met: 
Performance met: 
In cause of failure: Bad operating/Bad design or dimensioning: 
In cause of failure: Bad design or dimensioning: 
In cause of failure: Further information on cause of failure: 
Not available
Graphical network summary
    Main treatment :
  • Network : Compliant
  • Network : Not compliant
  • Network : No information / Not relevant
    More stringent treatment :
    Performance :
  • Network : Pass performance
  • Network : Fail performance
  • Network : Not relevant

    Type :
  • N : Nitrogen removal
  • P : Phosphorus removal
  • UV : UV treatment
  • MICRO : Micro Filtration

    Type :
  • CHLOR : Chlorination
  • OZONE : Ozonation
  • SAND : Sand filtration
  • O : Other more stringent
    Discharge point :
  • Network : Discharge point
  • DCP(S) : Discharge point(s)
Waste Water Network Connexions
Linked agglomeration(s): 
Linked receiving area(s): 
Not available
Site information
Date of closing: 

Not provided

Explanation for closing: 

Not provided

ID of the successor: 

Not provided

Primary treatment: 
Secondary treatment: 
N removal: 
P removal: 
Sand filtration: 
Micro filtration: 
Other treatment: 
Other type of more stringent treatment: 

Not provided

Other type of more stringent : 

Not provided

ID of E-PRTR facility: 

Not provided

Not available
Primary discharge accounts for 87% of total pe in the agglomeration, which passed for BOD/COD and failed for TSS. However, secondary discharge accounts for 13% of total pe in the agglomeration, which only receives primary treatment. Therefore does not comply with requirements of Article 4. More stringent treatment than secondary is provided at this WWTP. However, as the agglomeration is less than 10,000 p.e., it is not subject to the requirements of Article 5. As agreed with the uwwtd helpdesk on 11.07.18, it was necessary to default this agglomeration to ‘Pass’ with regards to N/P removal to avoid data blockers. It is possible that in some cases the agglomeration may not have achieved the N/P quality and sampling standards in the Directive.
Forward looking aspect
Identified reason(s) for non compliance: 
Absence of secondary treatment for some of the agglomeration.
Measure(s) to reach the compliance needed for UWWTP: 
Works ongoing - WWTP upgrade at design stage. Further work - WWTP upgrade.
Load entering the UWWTP at the expected date of compliance (as planned): 
Organic design capacity UWWTP (as planned): 
Type of treatment UWWTP (as planned): 
Date or expected date of completion of preparatory measures (planning, design, etc): 
19 July 2022
Date or expected start date for works: 
19 October 2022
Date or expected date of completion of works: 
31 December 2023
Expected date of compliance (12 months of compliant samples) : 
31 December 2024
Forecast cost investment needed for the UWWTP (as in the national plan): 
Any relevant comment on UWWTP: 
Below the size threshold for mandatory compliance with Article 4 effluent quality standards in the previous reporting exercise (2014) but the estimate of agglomeration size increased above the threshold in 2016. A more detailed assessment of the load undertaken in 2017 shows that the load is now 1,955 p.e. which is under the threshold. Reduction due to the connected domestic load figure and a refinement of connected load calculation.