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Athalassa Reservoir

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Discharge point : Athalassa Reservoir - Identifier : CY11_5-DisPoint5 - Status : Active - Reporting year : 2018
Region (NUTS) Code : CY000 - Region (NUTS) Name : Κύπρος (Kýpros)

Receiving water: 
Type of receiving area: 
Surface water: 
In case of discharge on land please specify the purpose: 

Not provided

Has the Member State provided these studies to the Commission (art.6.2): 

Not provided

Did the Commission formally accept that the conditions under Art. 6(2) are met?: 

Not provided

Not available


ID of the successor (historical management): 

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With respect to discharge point CY11_5-DisPoint5, Athalassa Reservoir, it is noted that the water body CY_6-1-51_R3 was removed from the WFD river water body network for the 2nd RBMP because it has an ephemeral/episodic flow regime (river type ephemeral/episodic flow). Discharge is into a water reservoir that is NOT a WFD water body.
Waste Water Network Connexions
Linked agglomerations: 
Linked treatment plants: 
Linked receiving areas: 
Not available
ID of WFD river basin district: 
Name of the WFD river basin district: 
Not available
WFDRBD reference date: 
Not available
Linked water body: 
Not available
Name of the WFD waterbody: 
Not available
Reference date of the WFD waterbody : 
Not available
ID of WFD groundwater body: 
CY_17 Central and Western Mesaoria
Ground water reference date: 
Not available
ID of WFD sub-unit: 
CY6-1 pediaios
Reference date of the WFD sub-unit: 
Not available
Receiving water reference date: 
Not available
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